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Gebäude Johann Maier GmbH


Our company manufactures and tests high-precision components for the european aerospace and defence industry, for the world of motorsports and for the oil exploration industry. We focus not only on qualified specialists with many years of experience, but also on young interested and committed employees, who are prepared to learn their craft. We are well aware of our responsibility for our employees, who as a body form one of the bulwarks, on which our company stands.

We are, however, equally committed to the society we live in and first and foremost our youth, in that everybody must receive the opportunity to be able to undertake a good and solid training as part of their right to equal-opportunity. It is for this reason that we decided many years ago to train two cutting machine operators every year in our company.

At Johann Maier, a cutting machine operator is a specialist for maximum precision engineering. When threads, bores, fits and recesses have to fit exactly into a prescribed contour, and run-outs and concentricities of only a few µ are necessary, then your ability is in demand.

In order to fulfil these requirements, you learn to evaluate technical documents. To determine the key facts for the production processes. And to learn to select the appropriate tools and test equipment to machine our high-strength and corrosion-resistant steels, the wide range of nickel- and cobalt-based alloys as well as the titanium alloys typically used in the aerospace industry. In our company, cutting machine operators use state-of-the-art CNC tool machines in order to comply with the precise specifications and quality standards in our branch. You learn to develop programmes, continually check the workpieces in the course of the manufacturing processes and – in the event of deviations – to correct them. All these tasks are included in the focus and performance of our cutting machine operators but – believe us – this represents only a small part of the spectrum. You will be both surprised and enthusiastic.

To optimally prepare our trainees for this challenging activity, we have set up our own training workshop. This way, an extensive machine park is available to our trainees, in which they are faced by new challenges on a daily basis, before they refine their skills and knowledge by active participation in our production processes. The practical training is supplemented by attending the Max Eyth Vocational College in Stuttgart and an external 4-week CNC course at the GARP Training Centre.

To provide you with good training on your path in life is not only very close to our hearts but also a particular desire for us. And that here too – as with our products and for our customers – we stand at the forefront, is evident not least from the fact that the 2012 and 2013 chamber winners of the Stuttgart Chamber of Crafts, as well as the 2013 regional winner, learned their craft with us.

We are therefore looking for committed, interested and reliable trainees, who enjoy new challenges and are able to work well in a team. If you enjoy working in a careful and precise way, possess a strong spatial perception and mathematical understanding, are familiar with computers and have a good eye for high-tech and precision, then a career as a cutting machine operator at Johann Maier would certainly be interesting for you. Awaiting you are a wide-ranging activity and a great team.

Please send your job applications to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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