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our components may be small

but they are crucial to success

We know that the smallest components are often tasked with the greatest responsibilities. And we know when, how and where this is the case: in space, on Formula 1 racetracks and on scheduled flights. Our small parts are of huge importance, so they need to be perfect. We have been aiming for perfection for nearly a century: Day after day, component after component. We want everything we make to be the picture of perfection, a synonym for safety. Johann Maier completely fulfils your requirements, using the most cutting-edge materials, innovative processing technologies and our employees’ skills. Thanks to their technological expertise, our employees can ensure the greatest level of precision – down to the very last µ. And they don’t stop until the very smallest component is ready to take on great responsibility.

one’s career is one’s calling

we agree on that

We are more than happy to provide encouragement and support. But we do go that extra mile for our employees: we nurture their interests and spark their motivation. Our resident geniuses, inventors and idealists feel right at home with us. Some of their best ideas are born outside of working hours – on the weekend, or even in the middle of the night. These ideas result in fascinating products designed and produced by qualified, experienced employees with a passion. And we are thrilled when, somewhere off in the sky, a spaceship lifts off, or when somewhere on the ground, a racecar driver is the first to reach the finish line, because we know that we played a part in those special moments.


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