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Gebäude Johann Maier GmbH

A keen eye and good instinct:

How Johann Maier Made History

A sharp eye and keen intuition – the key to Johann Maier’s success from the very start. Our founder was ahead of his time back in 1920: He knew that the typewriter, a recent invention, would make office work easier and that this machine would be his springboard to success. So he developed special high-precision tongs to realign type bars. These made it much easier to work with typewriters – and simplified the back-breaking manual typing process. It has all been uphill from there. We have always emphasised innovation – even through wars and inflation. And we have always embodied the spirit of German – especially Swabian – productivity.

Johann Maier’s son, Albert, joined the family business in 1945. He became the sole owner in 1959. He inherited his father’s business acumen and keen sense for selecting the right products at the right time. Albert Maier recognised the growing need for precision parts for high-tech applications early on. Ariane was his first big success. We hit a milestone in 1979: qualification and approval from Dornier and Erno (later DASA, and now Airbus Defence and Space) to supply titanium bolts made specifically for aviation. We have made a name for ourselves in the automotive, airplane, and aerospace industries. Companies seeking professional suppliers of sophisticated, high-functioning components know to come to us. As a result, our unchanging image is manifested in the precision parts industry: “If something seems impossible, go to Johann Maier.”

The company, now under the fourth generation of Maier family leadership, maintains this tradition and Johann Maier continues to successfully grow. In 2006, we opened a new site in Stuttgart, Germany, which was close to our original location and 2018 we in the proudly situation to expand into another side, next to our main side. Our 140 employees in Stuttgart produce and inspect high-precision components made of high-strength materials for international customers. These customers include renowned companies from various sectors, such as international motorsports and oil exploration. With our keen eye and strong instinct for customer requests, we are continuing to build on our success story. Stay tuned.

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