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Gebäude Johann Maier GmbH

vision, mission, perfection

what moves us for you

40 years can seem like a long time unless you take a long-term approach like we do. Here at Johann Maier, we continually work to achieve the highest levels of quality, reliability and safety. To help us reach these objectives, we have built up strong relationships with our customers and suppliers. All of our transactions are made in line with our clear common goals.


  • We approach our products and services with the utmost care, ensuring the highest level of quality by using the latest technology. Above all, we tailor our work to your needs.
  • We support and encourage our employees to be extremely conscious of quality and responsibility. All of our workflows and responsibilities are clearly regulated.
  • We aim for continuous improvement in all that we do, from products, to processes, to management.
  • We invest in cutting-edge production facilities and further training for our employees. You can count on our high-tech and high-level skills.


  • We consistently tailor our products and services to you with the goal of exceeding your requirements and expectations. After all, achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction is our benchmark for company success.
  • We have positioned ourselves as a technological leader in premium connection parts for existing as well as new segments. Our excellent performance speaks for itself: We are a professional supplier and a reliable development partner for high-performance fasteners.
  • We fully uphold technical, operational and scheduling agreements for every order placed. After all, each order paves the way for the next one.
  • We set ourselves apart from the competition, mainly thanks to one thing: our complete focus on quality and our customers’ needs.


  • We strive to achieve adequate profits – our company needs these to successfully continue to grow.
  • We also continuously optimise our company organisation to support this growth. We also continually improve our core processes.


  • We are strongly aware of our corporate responsibility to employees, our partners in various markets and the environment. Our strategies, actions and processes all have sustainability in mind.
  • We value our employees’ independence, motivation and results-oriented approach. They receive our full support from the very start, which allows their individual skills and strengths to flourish.
  • We work with our partners in various markets in a fair and constructive way.
  • We see ourselves as part of a greater community. This is also why we support selected social and charitable projects and enterprises. Moreover, we also encourage our employees to positively engage with one another in their social environment.
  • We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees.
  • Data protection is a top priority for us. Our customers, suppliers and employees can rest assured that their data and information are in safe hands with us.


Johann Maier GmbH & Co. KG
Schockenriedstraße 38
70565 Stuttgart | Germany
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